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04/11/2011 | Evanescence – Hammersmith Apollo, London

Lisa Ward


With their long awaited 3rd album already rising up the charts, it’s unsurprising that tonight’s crowd seems to range across the generations. It’s been a long break for Evanescence, and whilst their earlier work seems to blend in with the sounds of the early 2000’s following on from where Skunk Anansie left off, there’s a fear that their blend of rock might feel disparate to the current electro-pop and synth heavy sounds that dominate the mainstream. Opener What You Want instantly dismisses this fear, blending their trademark rock with pop vibes over rousing vocals culminating into a dramatic ambiance.

Whilst the crowd sways with Amy Lee’s every word, there’s still a sense that the majority of the crowd were captured by first album Fallen, and it’s Going Under and Bring Me To Life which transform them into a sea of moving bodies. Whilst Amy is energetic, there’s a feeling that the subtleties which normally keep a crowd transfixed has been lost and nearly every song is pushed through the sound system at full volume.

Even the moments where Amy is left alone at the piano get catapulted back to full pelt in just minutes without time for the variations to fully sink in. This is no more apparent than in the finale song My Immortal, which though undoubtedly the song of the night gets forced back to a full band line up at the end, writing off the haunting vibe that Amy creates with the first half of the song.

There’s no denying the new songs are solid. Sick has solid refrains laced over a thumping rhythm whilst Oceans boasts a more distorted sound, still showcasing Amy’s trademark emotive vocals, but the whole thing seems dwarfed by the continual bass vibrations. This leaves Good Enough, a song apparently not rehearsed for weeks but resurrected as a dedication to Amy’s husband, as the highlight of the night – the only number not tainted by the heavy handed approach which riddles the rest of the night.

That’s not to say the bands performance is not valiant or the night not inspiring, in fact there’s vigour and life beating through every song. There’s just a subtle sense of disappointment that with a bit more restraint on some of the songs, the show had the potential to be astounding and instead it falls slightly short of the mark.


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