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05/03/2012 | Melanie C – Olympia Theatre, Dublin

Lisa Ward


It was only a matter of time before someone yelled ‘Spice Girls’ in Melanie C’s set and as she laughs and explains that normally her response would be to ‘get out’ you can sense the frustration in her face. For an artist who’s been around longer than her former incarnation as Sporty Spice, it’s justified and whilst her solo success may not have been as wide spread it’s clear her talents are abounding as she dominates the stage, oozing confidence and hitting every note with ease.

Equally, she knows how to pitch her set and whilst tonight might be focused around latest album The Sea, there’s no shortage of her old hits, Northern Star, Go, Beautiful Intentions and a clubbed up version of I Turn To You all making their way into the line up. Opener Rock Me pushes towards this club vibe, filled with beats which force the audience to their feet, where they remain for the duration.

Though Melanie seems to delight with every twist and turn, I can’t help but feel she’s right when she confesses ‘if there’s one city in the world you don’t play guitar when you’re as bad as me, it’s Dublin’, her 3 chord interludes which feature only on the verses adding little to the sound. Meanwhile the solo version of When Your Gone seems lacklustre, missing the duel vocals which made the song such a hit.

Nevertheless Never Be The Same Again doesn’t seem to suffer a similar fate and instead becomes a fitting tribute to Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez whilst Drown and it’s power ballad nature, testifies that the new album has ample variation. Nevertheless it’s the more downbeat interlude which sees her blend If That Were Me and Fragile which steals the show, highlighting that Melanie always has had a killer voice, able to span styles with simplicity.

She may for good reason want the focus to be firmly on the future, but it inevitably becomes clear that her Spice Girls days taught her how to work the stage with conviction. She spends the night bouncing around the stage, never missing a note and such is her ability to captivate a crowd that evening seems to drift by in minutes, the audience’s attention never given a chance to waver from the stage.


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