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05/11/2014 | Lacuna Coil – Birmingham Institute

Carrie Humphries


Audience members may be in for a short set from Italian rockers Lacuna Coil on their latest tour, but it is one of quality over quantity. As the band open with Trip The Darkness and Spellbound, their symphonic metal sound is met with gleeful applause from the audience.

The Gothic drama continues throughout the show part in music and also in part from the band’s image. Lacuna Coil are a stylish band, and even though they have opted for Halloween inspired costumes on this tour, front woman Cristina still looks undoubtedly cool and every inch a horror film heroine in a bloodied white dress.

Dual vocalists Cristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro have a fantastic stage presence, often playing up to each other or the audience and their vocals are pitch perfect throughout. The rapport between the two of them is apparent as Cristina’s soaring vocals entwines with Andrea’s gritty interludes to compliment one another throughout the night; in particular during tracks Heaven’s A Lie and Zombies.

Slipping in their flawless cover of Depeche Mode’s Enjoy The Silence, their performance becomes a dark, yet classy affair which gives the original a run for it’s money. After a short break from the stage, the band return to perform an encore of Nothing Stands in Our Way and fan favourite Our Truth, to end the night with rapturous applause from the audience.

Fireworks were not the only explosion seen by many on this bonfire night, some were lucky enough to witness the explosion that is Lacuna Coil live.