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07/02/2012 | BOY – The Jazz Cafe, London

Lisa Ward


Having never set foot on UK soil, Swiss-German band, BOY, seem somewhat overwhelmed as they step onto the Jazz Cafe stage, and even more perplexed when they realise that not only are there a fair few German fans in the audience but also that people already know the lyrics to sing along. I have to confess; tonight I place myself firmly as a fan, having driven for several hours for a pre-empted short set.

Don’t let the name confuse you, BOY are a female fronted band, who tonight inform the crowd their drummer has been replaced with a computer with something of a nervous laugh. It’s the kind of behaviour you’d expect from a band who are on the cusp of success away from their homeland and don’t yet realise it. Though it’s Skin which first drew me (and judging by the singing tonight, the rest of the audience too) this is actually just the tip of the iceberg.

The finger picking which accompanies Drive Darling leaves the pairs vocals to shine, combining solemn harmonies over an intricate melody, culminating in a song which creates an overwhelming sadness. Meanwhile July seems wise beyond their years, the kind of lullaby a mother would hum to an aching child. It’s not all downbeat acoustic numbers however, and keyboard lead Army has catchy hooks that would see it fall into a Radio 2 playlist with ease, whilst Waitress is more upbeat still, instantly reminding me of Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Dinner with its attention to detail.

There’s likely to be some comparison to First Aid Kit when the album is finally released in the UK, and it’s fair to say BOY have a similar vibe with a firm focus on strong vocals to carry the music through. Yet they also still manage to bring something fresh, fusing a folk meets pop style with a somewhat star struck stage presence which in turn creates a discerning and yet raw feel to their live performance. Suffice to say, they firmly deserve their place in the ‘HMV Next Big Thing’ line up, and the drive was more than worth the effort.


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