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10/10/2013 | San Cisco – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Susan Ludzik


I genuinely find myself unable to think of a gig that would bring more sunshine into a bitterly cold October night than this one. The opening act F.U.R.S. were probably the best support band I’ve ever seen – they immediately launched into deliciously clear Foals-esque riffs and intricate drumwork that kept me transfixed all through their short setlist. These guys are gonna be big, mark my words. (And since they don’t have all that much work up online, live is really the only chance to glimpse some of their talent!)

San Cisco opened with Lyall and from the first chords I knew the entire set was going to be great; their indie romcom sound is made to be played live. There was a warm summer evening kind of feel in the room, the kind that makes your feet itch to dance and you can’t help singing along.

The band wasn’t too chatty, with Jordi Davieson occasionally muttering titles in between songs while endearingly combing through his floppy fringe. He made a delightful duet with Scarlett Stevens on Awkward (bands with girl drummers are the best kind of bands, alright?) as he threw shapes around the stage with a tambourine. The energy was infectious, but it felt cosy at the same time; it was one of those gigs where every guy has a beard and every girl is wearing some sort of cardigan and two people near the back get wasted out of boredom during the interval and try to dance by erratically spinning their arms.

Just before the end, they played Beach (an audience – as well as a personal – favourite, judging by the crowd’s enthusiastic reaction); less dreamy than the album version but delivered with the same casual poignancy. Their setlist was of reasonable length, and yet the end still seemed sudden and premature, as evidenced by a chorus of disappointed moans (although to be frank, as somebody who hates standing around at gigs, I kind of appreciated that they kept it short and sweet).

San Cisco are touring in Europe til the end of October. Should you choose to treat yourself to an evening with these funky Australian kids – remember to bring somebody to dance with.