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11/05/2013 | McFly – Civic Hall, Wolverhampton

Carrie Humphries


McFly have been part of the British music scene for 10 years and quite frankly many have found their longevity surprising. From humble beginnings as a sort of ‘little brother’ to Busted, their popularity has grown and grown to completely eclipse their friends in success. This year marks their 10th anniversary and to celebrate they have been performing their greatest hits Memory Lane tour to masses across the country. Tonight they have the second night of their West Midlands leg in Wolverhampton.

The lads are initially introduced onto the stage by Mr Antastic (otherwise known as Antony Brant, a long term friend of the band and one of the co-writers of their track Love Is Easy), who has been acting as a master of ceremonies for the tour. Although to some extent this is a nice touch and helps to hype the audience up, it is super cheesy (think holiday camps) and seems to go on for just a touch too long. Tom, Danny and Dougie walk out onto the stage to perform a beautiful a capella version of Memory Lane, which eases fans into the performance. They then burst into their Beach Boys-esque That Girl and the curtain dramatically drops to reveal missing member Harry on the drums and a fantastically bright retro cinema style McFly sign above their heads.

As this moves onto the innuendo-laden track Star Girl, Tom shakes his bum at the audience during the rather cheeky line “There’s nothing on Earth that could save us, when I fell in love with Uranus”. This seems to have most of the audience in stitches and confirms that everyone is in for a fun (if not slightly rude) night. What follows was a largely upbeat set of catchy pop songs covering their hits from the last 10 years, of course including Five Colours in Her Hair as well as Shine A Light and All About You.

The pace is slowed down about half way through the set as the band performed stripped back versions of I’ll Be OK and Bubblewrap. Then the lads move back to their cheeky best participating in some banter with the audience and donning hats for their weird but wonderful covers section, in which Danny acts like a gospel preacher as they perform an odd mash up of YMCA, It’s Alright and Don’t Worry Be Happy.

As the lads rejoin the stage for the encore, Tom brings out his pink ukulele (and no, that is not a euphemism) for the ever so twee Love Is Easy. As they thank their crew and fans for the past 10 years and perform final song The Heart Never Lies and Tom sings “another year over and we’re still together, it’s not always easy but McFly’s here forever” there are a fair few tearful eyes. Here’s to another 10 years for these surprising heroes.


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