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14/04/2013 | Don Broco – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton

Carrie Humphries


As I walk into the packed out Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton on a Sunday evening the atmosphere is already hot and sweaty, and it is about to get a whole lot hotter once the lads from Don Broco take to the stage. After a lively warm up from ex-Gallows front man Frank Carter’s new band Pure Love, Don Broco took to the stage demonstrating their famous ‘walk’ while bursting into a bouncy performance of the title track from their album, Priorities. It is hardly surprising why the lads are so full of cheer on any date of this tour; they have sold out each night, so it has been a rather fantastic start to their year.

What follows is an effortlessly energetic performance from the Bedfordshire band as they flirt through most of their debut album Priorities and throw in a few tracks such as I’m Good and Dreamboy from earlier EP Big Fat Smile for good measure. The crowd were wild throughout, particularly during the singles Whole Truth and Actors, as the lads delivered hit after hit. The upbeat, poppy track Beautiful Morning also seemed a particular crowd pleaser, while an interesting surprise awaited at the end of that, as Don Broco moved on to their heaviest rifftastic track Thug Workout. Circle pits and push ups ensued.

During Yeah Man, front man Bobby weaved his magic as he started a mass girls vs boys sing along which had everyone in the room involved (but then again who could resist the charismatic charms of Mr Damiani?). Ending the set on fan favourite Fancy Dress proved a popular choice, as both the band and the audience jumped around and sang with all the vigor that they had at the start of the evening.

Throughout the evening the band won over the audience through their perfect mixture of Bobby’s powerful vocals and harmonies, Simon’s epic guitar riffs, Tom’s funky bass lines and the punching beats of Matt’s drumming, all flowing perfectly through some of the catchiest tunes I have heard in a long time. For a high energy, tight performance with personality that packs one hell of a punch, I would urge people to see Don Broco. They are certainly proving themselves to be one of the forerunners in the young up and coming British rock scene and I see a rather colourful future ahead of them.


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