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14/05/2012 | BOY – The Borderline, London

Lisa Ward


Tonight marks BOY’s first UK headline show. After an impressive stripped back set at HMV’s Next Big Thing and a performance in a church at The Great Escape it seems word travels fast and The Borderline is filled to bursting with bodies. As a band there’s a more rhythmic side to their sound, ballads become more rocky as the bass and drum beats take things up a notch.  The songs swell and burst with a tidal quality bound together by Valeska’s vocals and Sonja’s harmonies.

It’s not until they chat between themselves towards the end of the show and Sonja exclaims ‘we’re disgusting’ before laughing and correcting her error to ‘we’re discussing’ that I even remember they’ve crossed the ocean for tonight’s show. Their lyrics are faultless and their sound tends towards American pop-rock similar to that of Lissie. With opener Drive Darling setting the scene with a melodic yet gargantuan sound, tonight they work their way through the majority of their debut album (Mutual Friends) set for realease in the UK later this year.

Whilst Skin and Boris take a meloncholic look at life, men and fitting in, This Is The Beginning becomes an ode for every new day. It’s clear from the crowds reaction and countless voices singing back at the band that there are many who are already BOY converts, perhaps not surprising since the album has been out in Europe for quite some time. For these, the addition of new song Hotel seems to appease their lust for the new and as Valeska sings out ‘He’s trying to tell the night apart by the state of the heart, by the shape of the moon’ it becomes clear their astute observational style is what drives their sound forward.

For those newer to BOY, the closing reprise of Drive Darling in acoustic format gives insight into the varying sounds of the duo. Here the finger picking becomes more apparent and the harmonies more prominent, showcasing the sympathetic and yet soulful sound the girls can create. Whether it’s the heavy sampling on Railway or lullaby July, BOY draw you in with every twist and turn and whilst tonight they might be heading straight back to Germany after the show, it’s clear they have the potential to become a mainstay on UK soil sometime soon.


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