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14/11/2013 | KT Tunstall – The Anvil, Basingstoke

Lisa Ward


2013 might as well be marked as the year of the ‘KT Tunstall stalker tour’. After 4 performances it would be easy for tonights set to merge into the rest, and become slightly forgettable. Clearly however I’ve under estimated KT’s capacity to shake things up, and though tonight might be part of the second leg of the Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon tour, it could just have easily been dubbed ‘The Rarities Tour’.

Whilst tracks from the new album punctuate the set, it’s the likes of White Bird, Alchemy and Lost which represent the older albums, and it’s a welcome treat to see the non single tracks get a live airing. Though it’s clear Tiger Suit and Drastic Fantastic passed most of the audience by (their polite applauses masking their slightly confused faces) for me it marks the diversity of her career to date. For them however it’s Eye To The Telescope hits such as Suddenly I See and Under The Weather which garner their attention, which in turn means their puzzlement only grows as she shakes up Black Horse And The Cherry Tree with her kazoo rendition of Seven Nation Army in the middle.

Nevertheless, it’s clear there’s common ground, and songs from Invisible Empire // Crescent Moon are where it’s found. The songs seem more tender in an auditorium, and KT, who loops her way through the night to create a fuller sound, seems almost marooned on the stage. Perhaps it’s the visual isolation which makes Chimes and Made of Glass even more chilling than in pervious performances, or perhaps the seated show allows for a more reflective state of mind. Either way, tonight the songs blossom, and the acoustics of the venue allowing for the sound to resonate and ricochet, building their melancholic vibe.

It seems then the sticking point is once again her choice of cover. Whilst Atom’s For Peace’s Default might allow her to shake up the sound, and move away from the more ballad style numbers, sadly it doesn’t seem to gel with the rest of the night. Nevertheless I applaud her willingness to avoid playing it safe, and if slightly off the mark covers are the compromise for the delivery of some older songs, it’s a compromise I’m happy to accept.