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15/03/2022 | Don Broco – The Mill, Birmingham

Carrie Humphries


Don Broco are kicking off 2022 in style with a series of intimate gigs to celebrate the release of their album, Amazing Things. The LP was originally scheduled for release in September 2021, but following a series of production delays, the physical copies were finally released at the end of January and shot straight to number one in the UK album charts.

While we’re speaking of waiting, this gig was supposed to take place almost three weeks’ prior to now; but was previously cancelled at last minute due to a major plumbing fiasco at the venue. Luckily, it seemed like that particularly nauseating issue had been fixed and cleaned up in time for the concert tonight.

Brighton grunge rockers Snake Eyes delivered an impressive support set, which was packed full of 90’s style scuzzy guitar riffs that soon had everyone warmed up nicely for the main act. By the time that Don Broco bounded onto the stage for their performance, the venue was already buzzing with animated energy as they launched into Come Out to LA.

A Don Broco show is always an entertaining affair, with anthemic songs and several traditions that occur at every single gig; for example, fancy dress, circle pits and waving your t-shirt or hoodie around your head to T-Shirt Song. Tonight several fans had dressed up in Power Ranger style costumes, as per Don Broco’s Endorphins video. It is always enjoyable to see people of all ages really enjoying a performance and it is delightful to see fans celebrating their new found or regained freedoms after two years with next to no concerts because of Covid.

I was thrilled that the band played one of my personal favourites, Further, as it is a stunningly beautiful song and this was one of the only times that they’ve played it live as a full band, so it was a real treat to witness that. Another exclusive was their first live performance of Easter Sunday, which is a song that many have been itching to hear live since Amazing Things was released.

Ending their set on an encore of Bruce Willis, the venue echoed with a chorus of “Yipi-ki-yay, mother f***er” as gleeful fans bounced around with a final burst of energy. The album may well have been delayed, but as the old saying goes ‘Good things come to those who wait’, or in Don Broco’s case ‘Amazing Things come to those who wait’.