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15/04/2013 | Kacey Musgraves – Bush Hall, London

Lisa Ward


Kacey Musgraves carries the perfect blend of music and humour. She boasts  wry observational lyrics, which marry with a cross over pop-country sound; like Taylor Swift, without all the moaning. Though on the stage sits burning incense, there’s little relaxing about her set. As she kicks of with The Trailer Song which boasts lyrical quips such as “You ain’t gotta act like you’re borrowing eggs just to see if my dishes are washed, what it’s to you if it’s Wednesday at noon and I’ve traded my iced tea for scotch?” it becomes clear there’s a playful nature to Kacey’s style, which carries throughout the night.

Given the name of the venue she threatens to make numerous Bush jokes over the course of the evening, which means it’s not long before the nod to The Dixie Chicks comes as she whispers “I’m ashamed of Bush”. Though as Brits this brings a laugh, there’s a mindfulness that Musgraves has her roots in Texas, a Bible Belt state, who might be less open to Follow Your Arrow, and it’s message of taking your own path through life. Though for me it seem pertinent to send out positive messages of sexuality given current political debates, her endorsement of homosexuality might still be raising eyebrows across the pond.

Still, it’s not all jokes and smiles, with Merry Go ‘Round offering a more heartbreaking look at the affects of the American Dream. Elsewhere Keep It To Yourself switches to a more ballad style, and highlights that Musgraves is more than capable of writing songs of a more forlorn nature, whilst Stupid moves more toward the style of Lissie, a rock-pop cross over number. Meanwhile current single Blowin’ Smoke might not be her strongest offering, but it boast potential to win the much coveted radio plays and that cannot be faulted.

A seasoned performer, Kacey already has two independent release albums to her name, which leaves me only to hope that the label support for Same Trailer Different Park will give her the needed platform from which to really push her career in the UK. It might be a while until we can expect to see YouTube videos which feature Kacey’s music and goats, but when that time does come, I can say with almost 100% certainty that Kacey will turn it into another witty song and place it on her next album.