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15/06/2011 | Fallulah – Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen

Catherine May


For her first ever UK performance, Danish native Fallulah certainly didn’t lack confidence. What she had yet to gain in British live experience, she more than made up for with strong vocals, a highly talented band and, perhaps most impressively, an abundance of hair flicks.

Sure, her first two songs seemed like a warm up to the rest of the set, but from the opening notes of song three it was evident that nothing was going to hold back her talent. Introducing one song as “This is a song about human beings”, her stage banter was brief but humorous, with “Cheers” to the crowd keeping everyone in good spirits as the drinks flowed.

Her debut single I Lay My Head gained a positive reaction from the crowd. It was loud, melodic pop at its finest. “I lay my head where your heart used to be” is the hook that grabbed my attention and hasn’t yet disappeared from the forefront of my mind. The song was originally released in Denmark two years ago, where National fame quickly followed so one can only presume that this won’t be the last we see of this quirky Dane.

Her one ballad of the set slowed the pace down and allowed for the vocals of her female backing singer to shine through, whilst her keyboardist’s energy was both enchanting and slightly offputting.

Other highlights of the set included Out of It – originally penned for a Danish TV program that shot the song to the top of the charts for several weeks – and the über-catchy Bridges.

Fallulah’s voice is clearly very versatile with her small showcase of songs offering us a snippet of her talent. As she clapped her way through her songs with a tambourine, the audience couldn’t help but do the same (minus the percussion, obviously).

Something tells me this won’t be the last we hear of her.