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16/02/2012 | Errors – XOYO, London

Kimberley Manderson


Having seen electro-dance and dubstep acts like Justice and Magnetic Man before, I was a bit apprehensive about reviewing a post-electro outfit. All of the aforementioned produce good music, but it’s hard to wonder how excited someone can get about going to watch men push buttons and not speak very much. Errors’ music is fit-for-purpose, something you would play at home or hear in the background of a TV show, but would the live – and sober – experience be the same?

The answer is yes. The live show was a remarkably surprising affair. Musically the boys did not disappoint, everything fitted together in a well-produced set. The boys are all extremely talented, with Simon Ward in particular effortlessly switching between instruments mid-song; and they say men can’t multitask!

However it did take the guys a whole 8 tracks to ask the audience how they were, and plug some merchandise, but the mood of both the crowd and the music dictated that not much need be said. That’s not so say that there was no audience rapport, in fact quite the opposite. Ward managed to banter with some fans about Errors’ tracks being akin to ‘porn music’, and managed a quick-witted retort to an audience member enquiring about reasonably priced, affordable merchandise (‘don’t be fucking stupid, although there might be something for £10!’)

The band whizzed through tracks from new album Have Some Faith in Magic, including latest single Pleasure Palaces. They also found time to squeeze in a couple of older favourites A Rumour In Africa and Mr Milk. They even managed to get the front row dancing in a way only seen today on TOTP2 re-runs. All in all, a pleasantly sober experience, although to fully immerse yourself in the sound and slip into some crazy shapes, alcohol is much recommended!