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16/05/2013 | Cast and The Twang – O2 ABC, Glasgow

Kimberley Manderson


The first rule of attending a co-headlined gig is: always show up early. With doors at the unusual time of 6:30, The Twang had played most of their set by the time any gig monkey would normally arrive. Running through songs from their previous three albums, there was quite an obvious divide in the crowd; the younger teens and twenty-somethings here for The Twang themselves, and those pushing 40 and above who were hammering the bar and clearly only in it for Cast. However, The Twang managed to capture the attention of the whole audience, with everyone in the crowd swaying along to Paradise and generally being mesmerised by Phil Etheridge’s raw Midlands vocals – despite his dodgy skip hat.

Highlights of the set included The Neighbour, complete with ‘woah-oh-oh’ chants with the crowd joining in, and beautifully succinct lyrics like ‘just do one’. The Twang closed their set on a high with Guapa, getting everyone all fired up before they left the stage. It was quite an awkward end to the set; as the first band of a co-headlining gig, there wasn’t really room for an encore. At an early 8pm finish for The Twang, I couldn’t help but feel they could’ve thrown in more songs. But that’s the joys of going on first I suppose. And they did still manage to leave with an epic wall of noise, with fans screaming the ‘oh-woah-woah-oh’ from the band’s first single Wide Awake long into the turnaround.

Though early did seem to be a theme in the night, with Cast only spawning a set a little over an hour long. Despite having bigger hits than John Power’s hair, they were finished and out the door by 10pm sharp. But that wasn’t before putting on a show-stopping set. Opening with the brilliantly trippy Time Bomb, all eyes were on Powers as he then explained the band’s plan to play one different song each night of the tour. The Glasgow crowd were treated to a much-appreciated Four Walls.

The Cast set was littered with tracks from recent album Troubled Times, mixed with classic hits such as Fine Time, Magic Hour and Sandstorm. This, combined with the band’s precision, professionalism and sharp style cemented any doubt any punter had as to why they were top of the bill. It is a testament to Cast’s brilliance that although they don’t appear in NME every week as The Best Britpop Band To Ever Exist, they can captivate an audience ranging from teenagers to middle-agers, tracksuit-lovers to wannabe mods, and have them all sing back a song from 1996 (the epic Walkaway).

As the last band on, Cast got to have an obligatory encore, with Power covering The Who’s The Seeker before closing with another number from their exceptional 1995 debut All Change; Alright. The sing-along effort ensured the crowd left satisfied in what was a mixed evening proving that no matter what age you are or how you interpret it, guitar music is far from dead.

www.casttour.com / www.thetwang.co.uk

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