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16/09/2011 | David Ford – O2 Academy, Oxford

Lisa Ward


David Ford was cynical long before the recession hit, but tonight there seems to be something timely about his brazen lack of romantic ideology. He opens with Song for the Republican Convention mixed with Cheer Up (You Miserable Fuck) fusing whistle blues with his ability to spit lyrics out as if some kind of poison. Later in the night State Of The Union follows a similar vein, loops being layered far beyond what Ms Tunstall might opt for, until it becomes a crashing wall of dissent only complete by the foot stomps on the piano.

Yet whilst David’s political messages often tumble out in the form of heavier songs, Guantanamo Bay being giving an edge by the loop, it’s the piano lead Stephen which hits the hardest nerve. Despite all the media that surrounds Irish politics there is nothing more moving than a single song told from the perspective of widow Mrs Carroll and no greater reminder of the reality of conflict, than a story riddled with pain.

Religion gets an equal smattering of distain, the more autobiographical St Peter being built on his tour of the South American States. Meanwhile Panic combines frustration with speed until David is practically chanting his abhorrence for religion in some kind of trance like prayer.  It’s the juxtaposition of these protests against the likes of To Hell With The World and Song For The Road which make these latter piano driven numbers even more heartfelt.

He may be back with new recordings, but it is the older songs which capture the crowd. Whilst Pour A Little Poison is a solid though more country sounding number, it’s I Don’t Care What You Call Me and Requiem which truly surmise what David is about.  As I left, I overheard a couple moaning about the level of noise and degree of reverb, but I for one, welcomed the chance to have my disgruntlement for twenty first century living matched by David’s dissident sound.