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17/05/2011 | Pete Yorn – King Tut’s, Glasgow

Nuala Swan


An evening of frantic Scottish punk followed by American singer songwriter rock sound right up your street? Then you missed yourself at King Tut’s on the night that Pete Yorn was supported by local band Chris Devotion and the Expectations.

After arriving on stage, the support act wasted no time in getting stuck right in to their set. There was minimal banter, just as many songs as possible packed into the half hour that they were on stage. By the end of it, lead vocalist Chris was dripping with sweat, like a proper punk frontman should be, before donning his specs and tidying up the stage as his Clark Kent-like alter ego.

It was clear from the moment that Pete Yorn and his band entered the stage that his bassist, Zak Shaffer, was going to be a scene stealer. Shuffling onstage on his knees, sporting a rather splendid moustache, he drank copiously throughout the evening, and bantered with folk in the crowd during songs.

First track out of the gates was a Smiths cover. Now, people that know me will know that there is no better way to get me on side than a decently covered Smiths song. Especially if that song is Panic, and even if someone does decide to substitute Carlisle for Los Angeles in the lyrics. After this happy start, Pete moved back to his more familiar sound, with a number of tracks from his current, self titled album.

The middle of the set was in danger of beginning to sound a bit samey, until the evening was kicked up a notch with some fan favourites from his debut Musicforthemorningafter. My favourite of these was Strange Condition, though the very vocal girls beside me were demanding For Nancy (‘Cos It All Ready Is) from the moment Pete and his band picked up their instruments.  A mini mutiny was avoided when Pete played it as his last song before the encore, along with telling us that the song came about when he bought a second hand guitar with the name Nancy gouged into the back of it.

Having not played a live gig in the country for 7 years, it was clear that Pete’s Scottish fans were glad to have him back, and the enjoyable tunes and bassist’s antics were enough to keep me entertained.