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Lauren Pritchard – Painkillers EP

Emily Jackett


After hearing a snippet of pretty Lauren Pritchard’s voice, I was excited to hear this EP. A strong, husky voice, full of strength and soul. A lot of potential. Potential, however, is all her new EP, Painkillers displays. Originally from Jackson, Tennessee, Pritchard has always sung and played piano. At 16, she headed alone to LA – enduring hardships and heartbreaks and ending up harboured in the home of Lisa Marie Presley, of all people. She has recently set up shop in London, writing emotive super catchy soul – pop, it’s easier to swallow than her sad bag of painkillers, but it’s far too sweet for me.

The songs are life stories, troubles and trashbaggery. It’s inoffensive, over polished and commercial – if that’s your bag of chips, dig right in. Produced by Eg White (of Adele’s Grammy-winning  “Chasing Pavements” and Duffy’s “Warwick Avenue”) this is to be expected. It’s unfortunate. Give Norah Jones glitter and a drum machine, you might find some similarities.

Only 22 and already with a long list of prestigious names behind her, Pritchard is destined for big things, that voice is going places – but where, only time will tell. Despite my disdain, I have hope. If her songwriting matures and develops in to something more than vacuous sad songs about losing hand bags in Macy’s, she could be great. I’d put money on my hope, I think live she’d tear my bad words to shreds. She gets the encouragement award.