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18/02/2014 | Turisas – Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton

Carrie Humphries


“So guys, do you want an epic adventure or a party?” asks Turisas’ strapping front man Mathias Nygard to the fans filling Wolverhampton’s Slade Rooms. It seems from their cheers this evening that they are up for both. Epic folk-metal tunes that convey ye olde battle tales are something that Turisas fans are no stranger to. Most songs are also so high octane that a party will always follow. As first song of the night Ten More Miles kicks in, it is almost like a call to arms for the audience. Let the head banging commence!

Working through a back catalogue of four albums over the course of the night, there was something to suit everyone watching. In particular, tracks such as To Holmgard and Beyond, Battle Metal and We Ride Together seemed popular with the fans, many of which were wearing matching red and black face paint to the band.

Although Turisas are named after a Finnish god of war and are fierce in their performance and delivery of their songs, it seems as though they are men who are up for a laugh with their fans as Mathias joked with the audience that they clearly weren’t rocking hard enough if their face paint hadn’t sweated off by the end of the night. A special mention also has to go out to Turisas’ violinist Olli Vanska for one of the most energetic performances that I have seen recently; he knows how to make a violin rock, performing a large percentage of the solos throughout the concert.

After returning to the stage with an ever so apt cover of Slade’s Cum on Feel The Noise (the venue is named after the band), they played an encore of one of their most loved tunes Stand Up and Fight before bringing on that party they promised with their own unusual cover of Boney M’s disco classic Rasputin.