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18/10/2013 | Jessie J – LG Arena, Birmingham

Carrie Humphries


Jessie J may have postponed her 2013 tour from March until October in order to finish her latest album Alive; but it was apparent from her performance at the LG Arena this evening that it was worth every second of the seven month wait.

Following a clip of a cloaked Jessie on the big screens around the arena, she entered the stage in a rather understated manner as she sang acoustic track Big White Room. Mystery and intrigue were created as the star was largely hidden by backlighting and smoke; but all in all this fitted perfectly with the delicate nature of the song as the audience concentrated on her pitch perfect vocals. This was cut short for a full on performance of Thunder from latest album Alive. As Jessie strutted the stage in a sequined white costume, the light show truly kicked in with storm-like effects and flashes. Co2 cannons were also introduced into the mix for Breathe, which added to the dramatics.

Following the first of many short intervals during the night (where the audience were kept entertained with videos conveying some rather uplifting messages from the star herself), Jessie returned in a sparkly red playsuit for the ‘love’ section. As she performed Sexy Lady and Domino, the fans were already in full on party mode as she flirtily danced with her backing band and spontaneously held out her mic to encourage the fans to join in with the singalong. She then had a little giggle with the audience by doing a terrible impression of a Birmingham accent and by explaining that her next track of the evening, Daydreaming, was about when you fancy someone so much that you get a little weird.

After several gifts were thrown from the crowd onto the stage for Jessie, she told the audience how much her fans (or ‘Heartbeats’ as they are known) mean to her and dedicated the next track Lazerlight to them. As thousands of tiny lazers shot around the venue, and thousands of fans made heart shapes with their hands, Jessie seemed genuinely happy to be performing to such a large audience, and the audience seemed just as chuffed to be there watching too.

Yet another costume change, and Jessie strutted onto the stage looking rather leggy in a black and nude coloured catsuit. Darker purple lighting and fireballs shot up as she jumped around the stage like a mad woman while showcasing the more urban side of her music duringExcuse My Rude and Wild. Her debut single Do It Like A Dude was also performed during this section and sounded even better live than recorded, as it packs one hell of a punch with the live band playing along.

More tender moments during the evening came when Jessie performed songs such as Nobody’s Perfect and Who You Are, which were both particularly spine-chillingly beautiful performances. During this she showed her down to earth side by showing several videos of herself performing when she was a child and telling her fans “Jessie J isn’t perfect, but that’s the way I like it!”. The ‘value your past’ sentiment also continued as she performed Conquer The World and explained that the song was written about her best friend Holly, who she has been friends with since childhood.

The final section was perhaps the most uplifting part of the night. By this point it seemed like the audience had gone on some kind of spiritual journey with the star as the final video interval summarised the five sections of the evening; ‘Awake’, ‘Love’, ‘Instinct’, ‘Value’ and ‘Energy’. For her final section, ‘Energy’, we were treated to the super uplifting Gold; which is bound to put a smile on even the saddest of faces. Hits Price Tag and It’s My Party were also performed as Jessie had another little joke about the public only knowing her for the ‘Money Money Money song’ and mentioned that, on a more serious note, Twitter was an unhealthy place to spend time on and that you should take everything on there with a pinch of salt.

As Jessie ended her concert with her album title track, Alive, glitter and streamers shot around the arena, much to the crowd’s pleasure; but in honesty, I was not concentrating on the pretty visuals at that particular moment. Instead, I was grabbing a last listen to those vocals and thinking about how refreshing it was to attend a pop concert that reassures you that you can get through all sorts of crap that you go through in your life. It is reassuring to see such a down to earth pop star in this day and age, and Jessie J is exactly that.