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19/02/2015 | The Kerrang! Tour 2015 – O2 Academy, Birmingham

Becci Stanley


It’s that time of year again. Get ready to get loud, leary and show all your love for the bands featured on the one, the only, Kerrang! Tour 2015…And this year, it’s the biggest and best yet, and without a doubt the most eclectic. With acts spanning the globe, age ranges and years of experience, you get a wide range of variety and therefore, a wide range of reactions.

For an opening band, Beartooth amass quite a crowd and I immediately see why as they take to the stage with their melodic hardcore brand of chaos. As guitar hooks soar and vocals growl the crowd launch themselves at the stage in a fury to get a piece of the energetic ruckus they are witnessing, and why would they not? You don’t usually get this much atmosphere the minute you walk into a venue.

Bury Tomorrow keep the pace flowing nicely with what feels like their millionth show here in my home town, they are pretty much part of the fixtures here now and they are welcomed like old friends with a crowd that are immediately hooked by their extensive catalogue of pure, raw, metalcore and their humble and friendly attitude, which are not two things that often come together in a sentence.

After an extensive gap from the music scene, I was perplexed to see Young Guns on this line up, even more so when I found out they were only playing three songs, though from the minute they took to the stage my heart was full to burst and I did not want them to leave. Their own brand of alt-rock still holds the same energy and passion it always did and it seems that Young Guns are making a glorious comeback and stronger than ever.

Female-fronted We Are The In Crowd are often compared to Paramore, though they show why they are successful in their own right with a lively and happy-go-lucky, pretty much stereotypically pop-punk, set that gets every person’s hips wiggling, heads swaying and arms in the air no matter whether they’re solid fans or not. Though the energy is palpable, it is easy to grow tired with their  set as many songs sound exactly the same and the set is indeed long, though nonetheless it is hard to deny the emotional and fanatic reaction the gang receive and they are certainly a hard act to follow.

If anyone could handle the feat of following WATIC however, it is Don Broco with their cock of the walk “lads” attitude, though they have the talent to back it up with a rich back catalogue of sultry tunes that come with a harsh bite at the ready and precise instrumentals, notably from their fast-fingered bassist and fiery-riffed guitarist that makes for one hell of a chaotic set. From their old songs that the crowd wail back to new tracks as-of-yet unknown, there is not one moment that the room stays still throughout Don Broco’s time on stage and shows just why they have become so popular over time, and why they are such a good choice of headline for such a prestigious tour.

Every year the line ups, atmosphere and experience of the Kerrang! Tour get better and better and work towards the prestigious status that the company has amassed around itself, as well as showcasing some of the world’s most truly talented bands that prove time and time again on every date why they deserve your attention, and you will not forget their names after a show like this.