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20/02/2015 | The Cribs – King Tut’s, Glasgow

Kimberley Manderson


This month the legendary venue King Tut’s is turning 25, and one of the bands they invited to help them celebrate the occasion are The Cribs. From the second they donned the stage, it’s easy to see why this Manc mob were chosen to be part of the festivities.

The sheer raw energy in the small, packed out room was electric. Literally no more than a few bars of opener Mirror Kissers had played before grown men found themselves being tossed around the crowd, alongside many a pint of lager/cider. For most of the avid crowd-surfing fanbase, it’s been a good few years since they’ve seen the Jarman brothers in such an intimate venue, but the crush of the crowd only added to the atmosphere.

Breaks in energy were few and far between. All the big chanting hits like Come On Be a No One, Our Bovine Public and Martell were sprinkled with newer tracks from forthcoming sixth album For All My Sisters, giving diehard fans the chance to hum along whilst everyone else caught their breath. Latest single Burning for No One sounds like it could just as easily be sang by Rivers Cuomo, yet it didn’t feel too out of place in this setlist full of 00’s indie hits.

It’s hard to believe that six albums could produce so many great songs, unless of course you were in King Tut’s and swept away in the mid-noughties glory. After a small lull in beer chucking and crowd surfing, everything built up to a crescendo through the last few numbers of the night which of course included the best tracks from their heyday, including Hey Scenesters and Men’s Needs. There was no room for an encore in this 20-plus song set, or the tiny room, as the 11.20 curfew was promptly obeyed. It wasn’t necessary though as the non-stop raucous set proved that the brothers’ Jarman have still got it.