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2011 | King Tut’s Summer Nights – 16th July

Nuala Swan


When I first wrote about King Tut’s Summer Nights last month, I mentioned that there was an album available to download to give you a taster of what is on offer, and help you decide what night(s) to head down for some live tunes. It was off the back of one of the tracks on this album that I made the fairly last minute decision to hit Tut’s on Saturday night, and I’m bloody glad that I did.

The first act on stage was Glasgow based group, Inner Sight. These guys did a great job of warming up the crowd, with frontman and bassist, Chris, being particularly energetic, twice getting right into the audience. With the addition of synths to the more typical rock band line up, Inner Sight have created a sound that fuses rock and dance, and they seemed right at home playing to the Tut’s crowd.

Next up were another Glasgow band, Selective Service, this time a more traditional rock and roll 4 piece. Headed up by charismatic lead vocalist and guitarist, Ian, they swaggered their way through their set with good tunes and easy banter. The highlight for me came when Ian put down his guitar for a portion of their final song, and displayed his real frontman credentials to full effect.

Third act of the evening was indie rock outfit The System, who early on divulged to the audience that they were working with a brand new line-up, which you wouldn’t have known from their tight performance. The crowd reaction for this band was pretty huge, thanks in part to the new guitarist having brought a lot of his mates, who chanted his name throughout, but mostly due to the band playing a set that clearly connected with the audience.

If there was ever any fear that headline act, Bwani Junction, were going to have any trouble following the preceding act’s rowdy reception, then these were quickly dispelled with the crowd beginning to chant their name from the moment they stepped on stage to set up. The band are a young 4 piece from Edinburgh, fresh from performing at T in the Park the previous weekend, and heading off to Wickerman the weekend after . These guys are great to see live, full of energy, great audience rapport, and most importantly, catchy songs. My favourite of these was Middle Meadow, which was the aforementioned song that made me decide that I wanted to catch these guys live in the first place.

As a first taste of the Summer Nights experience, this was a right good start, the feeling of camaraderie between the bands, and an audience that were up for hearing something new made for a great atmosphere. Add to that the fact that there was plenty of rum to be had, and you’re looking at a great way to spend a summer night in Glasgow.