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2011 Ones to Watch – Midi Midis

Maria Turauskis


The Midi Midis have been around for a couple of years now as a significant and vibrant part of the Reading scene, gigging both as a two piece and separately doing DJ sets at cool South East venues. Rumours have it the band are on the cusp of being signed by label giant Sony BMG, and if so, 2011 should be the year Midi Midis finally release a full length album, and when we see the band generally ascend towards true indie greatness.

The band have a fresh, cool, dispassionate exterior, with hip taste, bang-on aesthetics, and most importantly an exciting new sound. Interpreting sonically the current renaissance of early video game appreciation (think Scott Pilgrim), Midi Midis combine chip-tune style 8-bit sounds with thrashing garage rock guitars, to create innovative, lo-fi collage effects. If you are in anyway familiar with the game sounds of original Zelda, Final Fantasy and the like, Midi Midis’ music should have a lot of nostalgic resonance. The 8-bit samples supply most of the bass and drum sounds heard, which is interesting in itself, and leaves the duo free to mash their guitars during live performances, which are themselves electric and contain much furious guitar playing.

Their music is not just a gimmick though – it works. The mixture of 8-bit samples and guitars just reeks coolness, but the vocals actually have some genuinely deep content as well, such as April’s single There’s Just Far too Much Going on Upstairs for Me to Feel Truly Comfortable with Myself, which deals accurately with the topic of depression. Coupled with the melody that accompanies the lyrics, which are often delicate and friendly in nature, this band really do offer an awful lot, presenting clever, sharp, and overall pleasing ideas.