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21/03/2014 | Saint Raymond – King Tuts, Glasgow

Kimberley Manderson


One of 2014’s most talked about new acts took to the stage inside a packed King Tuts, receiving cheers from insufferable young girls with iPhones, and whoops from appreciative young hipster males. Callum Burrows – AKA Saint Raymond – took it all in his stride as he eased into track The River. This was followed by Everything She Wants, which went down well with the back of the crowd but the rest of his audience seemed far more mellow.

The audience as a whole were polite but bland as Saint Raymond played new song Brighter Days, and in fact could be described as such throughout the show. There were more groups of people interested in taking selfies, playing with their phones, or acting aloof and nonchalant than were actually singing along, letting go and enjoying the music for most of the gig. It brought a weird atmosphere to the evening.

There were moments during more Radio 1 friendly and playlisted songs like Young Blood and Wild Heart where the place felt more alive, with chanting and singing along. The encore was where the magic really happened though. Enough hushing ensured the room fell entirely silent, all eyes focused on Burrows as he sang an acapella version of She. Close enough attention was paid to hear him change the words to include his “Scottish home”, driving the crowd wild.

Last songs As We Are Now and Let Go provoked a greater crowd reaction, with more singing along. The night really ended on a high with and extended version of Saint Raymond’s biggest hit to date, Fall At Your Feet. It’s a shame that Saint Raymond really had to graft for the appreciation his talent is so deserving of, but by the end of the evening he had won the crowd over and it had all become worth it.