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21/05/2012 | Admiral Fallow – Queens Hall, Edinburgh

Tess Askew


A sunny evening in May saw Admiral Fallow take to the stage in Edinburgh to celebrate their new LP Tree Bursts In Snow being released into the world. Whether it was the sun, the anticipation of the show, or a mixture of two, the crowd in Edinburgh created a warm, relaxed atmosphere which flowed through the venue.

Queens Hall itself is large enough to fit a good crowd in whilst managing to still feel very intimate, and when Admiral Fallow stepped on stage it was to a warm welcome.  They began their set with the lead track Tree Bursts, from their new LP, which builds with beauty to reach a shattering conclusion.  One thing that becomes clear very soon into the set is just how talented and well practiced this band are. All six members played a pivotal role in the band’s sound and the harmonies – both vocal and musical – are faultless.

The reaction to the opening track was as loud and as long as if the audience were demanding an encore – the whole crowd enthralled and enchanted by the band. Showcasing new songs alongside tracks from their debut Boots Met My Face, the band were confident and comfortable on stage, engaging members of the crowd with eye contact. The gig was one of light and shade, upbeat songs such as soon-to-be festival anthem Paper Trench sat alongside the slower, more folk-influenced tracks such as Old Fools The latter was a defining moment, slowing the pace and upping the emotion as the crowd were silent waiting for every single note.

Lead-singer Louis has a relaxed stage presence and encouraged the crowd to join in on Isn’t This World Enough, which is a sing/clap along tune with a “give peace a chance” message. The encore saw just Louis and Sarah returning to the stage for a moving duet; they stood in darkness, just a single light on each of them, to perform Old Balloons before the rest of the band returned to join in on crowd pleaser Squealing Pigs.

There is a certain restraint to the records of the band, which isn’t all that evident when played live; Admiral Fallow perform loud and impressive just as well as they perform light and delicate and should be experienced both recorded and live. If the crowd in Edinburgh’s reaction was anything to go by, Tree Bursts In Snow will become an important album in 2012 and Admiral Fallow will continue to be an significant part of the musical landscape of 2012 and beyond.