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23/01/2015 | Anastacia – Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

Lisa Ward


It would be easy to assume that Anastacia’s Shepherd’s Bush show marks her demise, the days of packing out Wembley arena left as a distant dream. The truth however cannot be further from the truth and the star’s public fight with cancer marks tonight as something of a reawakening, serving to prove that little can hold her down.

The show itself contains a welcome mix of old classic tracks and newer numbers from her recent release, Resurrection. This combined with her cheeky humour, unwillingness to partake in cultural misappropriation in the form of twerking, and desire to connect to the crowd in her question & answer section would perhaps be enough to mark a successful show. Nevertheless it avoids the key point; that her vocals are stronger and more enticing than ever before.

Whether it’s in the ad lib Why’d You Lie To Me? or her powerhouse cover of Guns N Roses Sweet Child O’ Mine she commands the crowd with each refrain. Elsewhere when she slows it down for Broken Wings the genuine honesty of her struggle shines through and it becomes clear it’s not the songs about heartbreak which are her calling card these days, but songs about overcoming battles.

Whilst there’s no denying that songs like Left Outside Alone and Sick and Tired still sounds every bit as fresh, it’s newer songs like Evolution, Staring at the Sun and Lifeline which are¬†where the real magic lies. In short the new album seems more than aptly named, and tonight marks a¬†resurrection of the most divine variety.