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23/02/2011 | Mogwai – The Regal, Oxford

Lauren Corona


Support for Mogwai tonight, and in fact for the whole tour, came from Glasgow’s The Twilight Sad. They supply a pleasing wall of noise, not dissimilar to My Bloody Valentine. The dissonant, trebley guitar parts have and ethereal quality, and the band look casually at ease on stage.

Mogwai are who everyone’s here for, however, and as their set approaches, The Regal is more packed than I have ever seen it before, the Art Deco charms of which lend themselves quite nicely to the evening’s entertainment. The band are touring to promote the release of their new record, Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will, which was released on February 14th and is their seventh studio album. The set consists of a delicately blended variety of old favourites, alongside songs from the new album. As ever, their songs are beautifully textured and have a full layer of sounds.

The band’s performance is characteristically lacking in charisma. Or, devoid of ego might be a better way of putting it. It’s one of the many appealing aspects of Mogwai. The blanket genre of rock, which the band fit somewhere underneath, is full of huge egos, and performers who act like stereotypical rock stars, so it’s refreshing to see a band who don’t bother with all the posturing.

The audience are still and transfixed by Mogwai’s dreamy and soothing sound, although as soon as you get comfortable, you are shaken awake by one of their raging crescendos. The only thing to put a damper on the occasion, is that the sound really isn’t great at The Regal tonight, and what could have been one of the highlights of the evening – a rendition of fan favourite, Cody, from their album Come On, Die Young – went a little bit wrong. That aside, the set was still quite stunning and no one seemed to go away disappointed.