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24/09/2021 | The Subways – O2 Institute 2, Birmingham

Carrie Humphries


2020 marked fifteen years since The Subways released their debut album Young for Eternity, and they looked to celebrate this landmark occasion by performing the album in full on tour. Sadly, the global pandemic interrupted their plans; but over a year later, things are finally looking up as the band have hit the road once again.

There are no major surprises in the first section of the show, as the band perform Young for Eternity in full. Everyone is treated to a good old fashioned, sweaty rock show as audience members jump around, drinks are thrown in the air, and circle pits commence.
The band offer a high-octane performance packed full of anthems such as I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say, Rock & Roll Queen, Oh Yeah and With You.

Frontman Billy Lunn is the perfect raconteur throughout the night as he introduces the audience to their new drummer Camille Phillips and offers the history and tales behind their music in between tracks. Meanwhile, bassist Charlotte Cooper bounces around the stage cheerfully and encourages the audience to join in.

Later, everyone is treated to fan-favourites from their other three albums, All or Nothing, Money and Celebrity, and The Subways, along with latest single Fight. The Subways are generally well known for their lively and punchy tracks such as Girls & Boys and We Don’t Need Money To Have a Good Time; but sometimes the most powerful moment on stage is showing your tender side, and the band offer this in the exquisitely heartfelt Strawberry Blonde.

Bringing their set to a close with a reprise of Rock & Roll Queen, they are met with an even more enthused response than earlier. Staying ‘Young for Eternity’ may seem like a pipe dream for both the band and their fans now that many are in their thirties and forties, but in 2021, the album still sounds as fresh as the day it was born.