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25/02/2012 | Mundy – Bush Hall, London

Jo Cox


I don’t usually have much to say about support acts. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re forgettable, and on a few occasions they make you really glad you showed up an hour early. By virtue of his guitar playing, Sean Taylor certainly ended up categorised under the latter this evening. But still, I digress.

Having read previous reviews of Mundy’s live shows here in the UK I was interested to see whether the so called ‘Galway Girls’ would be out in force at Shepherd’s Bush tonight, waiting for a rendition of the Steve Earle song which has brought him so much notoriety. I’ve seen it all too many times before with other artists – they come, talk through most of the set and then go wild for just one track. I was pleasantly surprised then, to find that July and 10,000 Miles Away From Harm roused the biggest cheers.

If anything, it is simply a need to keep the pace of the more up tempo numbers which marks the tone of the night, with the crowd becoming somewhat restless at the start of Gin and Tonic Sky. As soon as someone at the front wants to sing out his own solo rendition of Tenerife it’s clear we’re here for a party, and whilst a heart-felt cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s Kathy’s Song is well received at the start of the set, as the pace quickens there is apparently no going back.

By the end, whilst it’s clear everyone has had the good time they came out for, I can’t help but feel I could’ve got a similar, if not better, experience from The Saw Doctors. In all respects, I just feel like I’ve seen everything, including Galway Girl, done better somewhere else before.

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