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25/02/2017 | Kaiser Chiefs – The Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham

Carrie Humphries


Sparkly curtains and glitterballs may look more at home in the Phoenix Club than as part of the set for a rock tour, but that didn’t deter Kaiser Chiefs from adorning the stage in them for their first three numbers at the Barclaycard Arena. It was perhaps a subtle nod to their humble beginnings on the Yorkshire music scene, before the curtains dropped and the stage opened up.

For the rest of the show, we were treated to something more familiar; huge screens, smoke machines and neon lighting in Kaiser Chiefs’ typical fashion. Although enigmatic singer Ricky Wilson had been quite lively throughout the first three songs; this was nothing compared to when he had the whole stage to entertain from. Throughout the show it was more a game of ‘Where’s Ricky?’, as the energetic frontman travelled all over the stage and the arena; climbing up scaffolding and even taking to running through the audience at one point, to eventually perform from a small stage by the sound and lighting boards.

As for the set; the audience was definitely not left disappointed as the band played hit after hit; including Everyday I Love You Less and Less, Little Shocks, Ruby, Modern Way, Never Miss A Beat and I Predict A Riot. This was perfect for a sing along and certainly kept the fans dancing about throughout. Although I like the band’s older albums, I am also a huge fan of their last two mature efforts Education, Education, Education & War and Stay Together; so I was glad to hear some of those tracks thrown in there too.

The electric atmosphere that the band had whipped up just simply left the audience wanting more, and luckily they came back to perform an encore of their own tracks Still Waiting and Oh My God, along with an excellent cover of Buzzcocks’ Ever Fallen In Love. If Ricky’s earlier exploits weren’t crazy enough, he’d saved the best for last as a rope fell from the roof and he swung from it manically back and forth between the stage and the audience. As a burst of confetti rained down upon the audience it was the perfect celebratory end to a triumphant show.