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26/02/2011 | Morning Parade – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Kim Clarke-Overy


Morning Parade have a busy year ahead of them. Tipped to be the ‘next big thing’, they are currently touring the country promoting new single A & E and the as-yet unnamed new album, set to be released later this year. Undeniably, the last few months have been an unmitigated success for the Harlow-based band: they recently signed to Parlophone, and have begun appearing in small but famous venues such as King Tut’s in Glasgow.

Support for the gig came from local band Martin James & Associates, who played a lacklustre set to an uninspired audience. Their brand of Americana rock brings nothing new to the music scene and the self-indulgent manner in which front-man Martin James led the band alienated the crowd. However, the atmosphere was soon to change at the arrival of Morning Parade. The quintuplet fuse indie-rock with 90s style synths – imagine The Script fused with Animal Collective.

They opened their set with the recently released Under the Stars, building up to a wall of synths underpinned with angular guitar riffs and urgent bass lines. The combination of indie and dance doesn’t always translate well from album to stage: the genres clash on B-side Your Majesty. However, they play well and clearly enjoy performing – lead singer Steve Sparrow and guitarist Chad Thomas bounce around the stage, their infectious enthusiasm lifting the crowd on a dreary February night.

Receiving critical acclaim from Zane Lowe, Q Magazine and BBC6 music, Morning Parade are on the cusp of breaking through to the mainstream.Hopefully they’ll maintain their interesting sound, and not disappear into generic ‘indie rock’ tedium.