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26/04/2013 | Two Door Cinema Club – Wolverhampton Civic Hall

Carrie Humphries

After riling the crowd up for a party by playing an interesting selection of 90s dance hits during the changeover, Two Door Cinema Club took to the stage to a sold out and already excited audience in the Wolverhampton Civic. Opening below a large satellite dish design which adorned the back of the stage, the band began on Sleep Alone from latest album Beacon. As that track came to an end several synchronised shots of smoke went up all across the front of the stage from co2 cannons which added to the already interesting theatrics.

With enough lighting to rival a Pink Floyd concert, Two Door Cinema Club worked through an impressive high octane set including a selection of hits from both of their albums Tourist History and Beacon. You certainly can’t argue that the band are good value for money when you consider the fact that they played 20 rather catchy songs during the night and yet have so far only released two full length albums.

The band kept their crowd interaction to a minimum, instead choosing to impress through back to back jangly energetic tracks which gave a carnival atmosphere to the night. Most people didn’t stop dancing throughout, especially during their most popular hits such as Do You Want It All?, This Is The Life, I Can Talk and Something Good Can Work. Despite this party atmosphere, my favourite section of the night came during mellower tracks Sun and PyramidSun is the perfect sort of song to listen to on a chilled out holiday sat around a pool drinking cocktails and has a lovely brass section to it, whereas Pyramid has a real sense of urgency thanks to the ever flowing guitar and bass lines of the verse exploding into a short yet epic sounding chorus which charges around a room.

During the last three songs of the main set, Eat That Up, It’s Good For You and Someday, a net of giant space hopper sized balloons that had been looming above the audience throughout the entire gig was released and these bounced around to much glee as everyone grabbed at them. After a short break the band then returned to the stage to thank their fans and launched into an encore of SomedayCigarettes In The Theatre and What You Know. Streamers showered down on everyone to close the set, but all parties have to end at some point, right?


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