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26/06/2016 | Larkin Poe – The Bullingdon, Oxford

Jo Cox


“From the serious to the absolutely absurd” is how the sisters themselves characterise the evening, but I can’t help feeling they’re just being modest. What they have is a show that’s solid, honed, and keeps the entire audience enthralled from start to finish.

Musically they are serious, and by that I mean these ladies can really play. The result is a well crafted rootsy sound which packs a serious punch, driving the set forward like a steam train barreling down a track. If you walked in expecting twee sibling harmonies and a light folk-country sound you would’ve been disappointed. What the Lovell sisters bring are dirty blues hooks, thumping beats and punchy, assured lyrics which bely their age (both are only in their twenties).

Though touring in support of their latest album ‘Reskinned’, a reworking of their 2014 debut, it’s clear where they belong is in the live arena. Whether you’ve listened to their studio recordings and loved them, or done the same and walked away, you need to see them live to truly appreciate what they’re all about.