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26/10/2013 | The Feeling – O2 Academy, Birmingham

Carrie Humphries


Things have changed quite a lot since The Feeling’s last UK tour in 2011; the band have ditched their record label and have recorded their latest full-length offering, Boy Cried Wolf, independently. Tonight they are in Birmingham playing at the O2 Academy 2 and as they begin their performance with new track Blue Murder, the band seem to be chuffed to be back on the stage with full creative control. The crowd also seem more than chuffed that the lads are back, as agreeable cheers reverberate around the room when second track Fill My Little World is performed. Judging by the singing, the audience know most of the words to this too.

What follows is a thoroughly enjoyable night showcasing some timeless songwriting. Older hits such as I Thought It Was OverNever Be Lonely, and the ever so beautiful Rose, kept fans who’d been following the band since they began more than happy. Also, I was particularly impressed by the new tracks that were performed, such as Rescue and The Gloves Are Off. These songs in particular are melodic piano-driven pop hits in waiting and show why there has been so much good feedback in the press about the new album.

One of the lovely things about watching The Feeling live is that they really do sell the music through their performance. Kevin and Ciaran Jeremiah’s guitars and keyboard create a perfect juxtaposition of rock and pop, while bassist Richard Jones and drummer Paul Stewart create a soulful groove. This is all topped off by the genteel, yet heartfelt vocals of Dan Gillespie Sells. As they perform their song Sewn he sings “Give me the song and I’ll sing it like I mean it” and this is entirely believable. They are one hell of a tight band.

To round off the night, the band give a nod to their heroes in the form of a medley of 6 classic British hits; The Beatles’ Day Tripper, The Kinks’ You Really Got Me, The Who’s Pinball Wizard, Queen’s Under Pressure, Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall and finally, Blur’s Parklife. An encore consisting of so many songs of such popularity could have gone rather disastrously, but it seemed no challenge for The Feeling as they effortlessly cover every single one. A special mention goes out to their man on the keys, Ciaran Jeremiah, for doing a damned good impersonation of actor Phil Daniels’ vocals during Parklife.

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