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27/02/2014 | Temples – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Susan Ludzik


Looking at James Edgar Bradshaw hum lyrics along the lines of “paradise is allowed in the conscious of the brave” from underneath a mop of dark unruly curls, you can’t help but think of Jim Morrison circa 1967; unlike the Lizard King, however, Temples’ lead singer is remarkably well-behaved onstage. As the psych-rock quartet climbs onstage to face Rescue Rooms full to the brim and begin to work their hallucinogenic magic, the audience is as if submerged in a warm haze and stays unusually sedate during the evening, despite the undeniably poppy sensibility of tracks like Mesmerize and whomping rhythms of The Golden Trio.

The fact that they are a retro revival band absolutely defines everything from their lyrics to costumes to mellow guitar twangs on their debut album Sun Structures. A lot has been said about Temples’ adherence to the genre’s existing paradigms and templates which is so strict it borders on unoriginality, but from the show it’s clear that having the acoustic technicalities of writing music down to a T, it’s simply inevitable that they will progress and grow to find their own groove.

What is it that makes Temples so appealing? Is it their complete lack of irony and cynicism in their recreation of psychedelia’s golden era or the level of skill with which they construct their aesthetics to play into our nostalgia that has them playing sold out shows and no less than 6 UK festivals this summer (including Leeds and Reading!) with just one album out? I don’t know, but you can decide for yourself as Temples continue touring the U.S and Europe non-stop until August, casting their glittery spell on crowds craving a throwback night.