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30/01/2014 | Del Amitri – O2 Academy, Bournemouth

Elise Price


A silky soft but lively Always the Last to Know starts del Amitri’s set tonight, and it’s as soothing as being curled up in a big blanket with a mug of soup. The atmosphere is equally chilled out with a beautiful venue and understated lighting. For a moment I feel like we should all be sat having a summer picnic rather than crammed inside an almost full venue with the wind howling outside. It’s a pleasant bit of escapism.

The upbeat relaxation continues through Kiss This Thing Goodbye, and I’m lulled into another level of dream-land when Sleep Instead of Tear Drops plays. The room feels like the song sounds and everyone is a little mesmerised by the lights and the comforting sounds flowing from the stage.

I’m a great lover of seeing a variety of instruments used during shows, and I’m not disappointed when the accordion makes an appearance. It’s a great addition to the live sound, and when singer and bassist Justin Currie switches to an acoustic guitar it’s a brilliant pace change to the flow of the set and variation in the sound. Later drummer Ash Soan leaves his kit behind for a singular drum front of stage and a very folky version of Spit in the Rain.

Justin carries the main vocals throughout the show, but I have to comment on the harmonies from the rest of the band because it’s a treat for the ear drums. Somebody Else is something special played live by the whole band, and the subtle tones and guitar fills combine beautifully with a proper rock finish towards the end of the set

The final encore song is Move Away Jimmy Blue and by that time there isn’t a head that hasn’t bopped or hand that hasn’t been thrust in the air. Throughout the set, del Amitri sound much deeper and rounded than I have heard them on recordings, where they really come into their own.