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31/03/2010 | The Cranberries – Royal Albert Hall, Kensington

Lisa Ward


Mid way through their worldwide tour and after a seven year hiatus The Cranberries grace UK soil, with a gig which sees the airing of the most loved tracks, from their greatest hits album aptly named Stars. The Cranberries deliver a plethora of classic tracks, firmly cementing them as the greatest Irish export after Guinness. Dolores bounces around the stage, with a peacock-like mating dance, ensuring the audience lust after her every move, whilst the guys hit epic riff after epic riff, filling the Albert Hall with their captivating refrains.

Though they jump straight into their much loved songs, by the end of Animal Instinct it becomes apparent that audience participation is not optional and Dolores spends the evening singing only three quarters of her lyrics, wafting her microphone in the crowds’ direction for the other quarter. Nevertheless, The Cranberries delight and this homecoming gig is given extra poignancy as Dolores dedicates the performance of her solo track Ordinary Day to her attending daughters. This is followed later, by a similar nod to her mother, before Ode To My Family and the command ‘sing’ projected to the audience, sees her kin saluted by over 3000 fans.

The band springboard from this point on, luring the audience into a frenzy as they slalom their way through Free To Decide, Salvation and Ridiculous Thoughts (which see’s Dolores shower security and stage with sparkles from an equally ludicrous glitter baton) before hitting the home run with Zombie. Oblivious to the feedback issues which prevent the front woman from using her guitar as little more than a glorified accessory at the start of the song, the entirety of the Albert Hall respond appropriately rising to their feet, transcending the venue into a haven of dancing and singing.

Song after song, Dolores hits the notes, pitch perfect vocals ringing through the venue, whilst her band mates ensure their success of the 90’s is justified. Whilst Time Is Ticking Out emphasises the fundamental role the band take in securing their acclaim, her vocal adeptness and overwhelming stage presence during the finale of Dreams is the icing on the cake, suggesting that no matter the years, Dolores is still queen and The Cranberries still reign supreme.


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