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4/11/2011 | Big Deal – Mojo, Liverpool

Lisa Bentley


As part of Liverpool’s annual Music Week, music venue Mojo hosts a handful of free gigs. Big Deal graced their stage on Friday and delivered their own brand of alternative college rock. With one albums worth of songs, fans of the band got to hear the majority of their debut album Lights Out which was released in September.

It is the bands low level intensity that has become their trademark, which whilst endearing in some aspects, can contrarily keep them segregated from their audience rather than engaging with them. Likewise the in between song banter which punctuates their set somehow manages to make the audience feel like they are intruding on personal conversations between Underwood and Costello. Contradictorily it is this very feature of the band that adds to their charm and when the duo share a secret smile between songs it is all rather adorable; simultaneously creating a sense of intimacy yet also making Big Deal feel very distant and untouchable.

Alice Costello and KC Underwood share the vocals on all the songs giving precedent to their equal partnership and never pushing either one to the forefront. Instead they both determinedly hold joint first place as they litter their set with songs including Talk, Chair and Cool Like Kurt. Never boastful or gregarious their set starts and finishes in the same way, all very much on one level. Much like their album one of the most captivating this band offers is their ability to make really great music with the sparsest of instrumentation.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as their style and sound does not lend itself to expansive overproduction and if that is the kind of show you want then Big Deal really are not the band for you. It will be interesting to hear new music from Big Deal, hopefully we will see a graduation in musical context but not in their alluring style.