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7/04/2011 | Sucioperro – The Arches, Glasgow

Kim Clarke-Overy


Sucioperro are surely one of the most underrated, hard-working bands to have emerged from the Scottish music scene. Formed in 2002, the three-piece from Ayrshire have produced three albums, the most recent The Heart String & How To Pull It released only last month. After playing a string of dates around the UK, they return to Glasgow to headline The Arches.

Unlike their contemporaries Biffy Clyro, Sucioperro have so far evaded the mainstream, yet have built up a loyal following nonetheless. Following an energetic warm-up from post-hardcore band Carnivores, the crowd are buzzing. Kicking off with Grace and Out of Me, Sucioperro set the scene for a fast-paced set, mixing favourites such as The Crushing of the Little People with songs from their newest album.

The band are clearly comfortable on their home turf – frontman JP Reid banters with those lucky to be at the front of the crowd, joking about his involvement with the conceptual band Marmaduke Duke – a project featuring himself and Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil.

Sucioperro are clearly professionals and treat the crowd to a polished performance. Yet one thing is painfully obvious and is probably a major factor keeping the band from breaking through: their similarity to Biffy Clyro is glaringly evident, both in band structure – the two are both Scottish three-pieces – and in terms of their songs. Sucioperro are the Biffy of ten-years ago. Often containing multiple choruses and thrash sections, featuring a similar vocal style, Sucio’s work could have been lifted straight from Biffy’s Blackened Sky.

Nevertheless, this does not detract from their superb performance. Their set has energy and keeps the crowd bouncing. Even though they remain largely unknown, Sucioperro are definitely the band for those Biffy fans who long for their rawer pre-Puzzle sound.