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A Dark Horse – A Dark Horse EP

Yasmin Ali


A Dark Horse have put their heart and soul into their self titled EP, which has seen the duo involved in every inch of the record, from the artwork to the production. The result is a truly cinematic sound which is much more than your average folk band.

Take Me Home is a charming little number that is brimming with nostalgia. It’s a truly touching song with a cutesy video to match, which will transport you back to those treasured memories of friendships you hold close to your heart. A feeling of calm washes over you after just the first listen of The Butterflies are Here. It’s easy to draw comparisons to Bon Iver from this as the delicate vocals are just hauntingly beautiful.

The most instrumental track on the EP is Silence on the River, which even though it may have the most expansive sound of the four songs, also creates a soothing atmosphere. Meanwhile, The Heart Won’t Lie has a more upbeat tempo which would be the perfect summery festival anthem.

Its hard to believe that Dubliners Hugh Rodgers and James Parker have been together only two years as they have created a beautifully mesmorising collection of songs which has perfect chill out album written all over it.