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A Silent Film – The City That Sleeps

Nikki Heath


After touring as a support for bands such as Mystery Jets, Metronomy and Athlete, A Silent Film are re-releasing their debut album The City That Sleeps in November. The band have a diverse sound ranging from dance and electronica to rock and pop. The first track, Driven By Their Beating Hearts is a perfect opener, and in my opinion the best track on the album. Musically it’s very reminiscent of Coldplay’s Speed Of Sound and at points even reminded me of Simple Minds. Its moving and meaningful lyrics such as Words don’t come easily, when most I need them’ are easy to relate to, which I have always felt is incredibly important when writing good pop music.

Throughout the whole album, we are treated to some beautiful harmonies and elegant piano playing, most notably in Aurora and You Will Leave A Mark. You Will Leave A Mark builds up to a point where I defy anyone not to dance, whilst Aurora holds a subtle beauty, which takes its time to manoeuvre into your heart, and is a really good way to end the album. This contrast shows the band’s diverse ability, yet although each song is different, they work together brilliantly as an album.

After only a few listens, I found myself singing along to several of the tracks. One Wrong Door stands out to me as an obvious sing-along track, with it’s bridge of  ‘There was a bullet with my name’. Again this track builds up so well. Another line which stuck in my head was Firefly In My Window‘s who am I to you? who am I to anyone at all?’. Lyrically the album is full of gems, which for me, is just as important as the music.

The album also boasts many catchy songs, guaranteed to stay in your head for days. Thirteen Times The Strength and Lamplight have been playing through my mind a lot after only a few listens. So many songs on the album easily enter your head and you can’t help humming along to them all day! There’s not a single track on the album which I dislike, however some of the slower songs like Aurora may be growers. But this should not be seen as a weakness of the album, in fact, I often find that the songs which take the longest time to grow on you end up being the best.