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Aaron Wright and the Aprils – Behold A Pale Horse EP

Nichola Eastwood


With the likes of Belle and Sebastian and Camera Obscura lending Aaron a vote of confidence, this five song, debut offering is proof that good things come in small packages.  Aaron’s vocals are distinctive from the off, blending together with a sound so sweetly upbeat and innocent you’re transported back to the days when you watched Postman Pat and sang along to Playdays.

Opener Origami Me sees piano skipping hand in hand with bluesy harmonica overlaid with Aaron’s piercing vocals.  There are moments when the track tries to toughen up with the piano taking on a moodier edge only to descend back to its frivolous bouncing along.  It’s an adorably, unashamedly sunshine infused smile of a track. Go On Yer Self is a fast paced, guitar led effort that The Proclaimers would be proud of, a catchy chorus with an underlying country vibe and an unexpected bout of jaunty trumpets.  It’s an eclectic number hurrying about in a constant rush.  Takes One To Know One is the first track that could reasonably be called mellow, Aaron’s vocals are joined here by a haunting harmony to gorgeous effect.

Rainbow Girl is a rickety little track continuing the mellow vibe set up by Takes One To Know One.  Its piano is like something you’d hear played in a saloon in an old Western.  Album closer Every Dog aptly opens with a dog barking which pretty much sums up the happily random nature of the record.  It’s a springy little love song that doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s a promising first studio outing for Aaron, although the mellower moments do fall a bit flat next to the sugar coated bounciness which Aaron does best.  It’s a record of throw away sunshine, you can’t help but listen and smile.