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Aiden – Aiden EP

Kimberley Manderson


One time x-factor contestant Aiden is back – minus the Grimshaw – with a new four-track EP, growing slightly from his 2012 sound which both shocked and appealed to music lovers, despite his pop tv show background.

The self-titled EP opens with Satisfy Me which has all the makings of an Aiden hit; a catchy chorus, almost screaming breakdown and funky electro rhythm. However it’s second track The Cleaner which has most indie charting potential. Its instantly infectious melody along with punchy lyrics like “If you’re going to fuck with me/At least take me to bed” ensure it will be a hit. A close second to this is Better Man, which sounds most like Aiden’s previous efforts.

Fire & Ice is an intriguing track which falls somewhere between Everything Everything and The XX, with chilled out r’n’b tinged vibes alongside impressive falsetto bursts. There’s no doubt that Aiden has always had a beautifully talented vocal range, and with this showcase of falsetto along with powerful almost shouting on Satisfy Me, it’s clear he has more capability than your average one trick pony.

However this may be the only potential problem with this EP. With a mish-mash of different inputs and styles, there’s no one clear directional sound. While it’s great to experiment with sounds, styles and influences, (and there’s no better place to do it than on an EP) it does leave an air of mystery about what one could expect on Aiden’s album. Although each song is pleasing and unique on its own, it seems Aiden with his new direction is either still finding his feet along this synth-laced path, or he’s eager to keep us as shrouded in mystery about his sound as he is about his single name identity.