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Alex Winston – Sister Wife EP

Catherine May


With her sweet vocals reminiscent of Ellie Goulding, Alex Winston has been tipped for great things this year. Sister Wife is her EP that critics have long been waiting for and I expect they won’t be disappointed. Even if it seems as though Detroit born Winston is hiding a split personality.

Two thirds of the EP have a real floaty electronic feel to them; Locomotive has a sort of up-beat Kate Bush feel to it and is pleasant listening. Having already featured in the Hyundai advert, Choice Notes is the song that really brought Winston to the media’s attention. Her vocals are slightly masked behind technical trickery, creating a track that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Radio 1 A List. Title track Sister Wife has similar electronic foundations with lyrics almost chanted before being embellished with a few effects while Sweet James is unavoidingly catchy adding a summery sound to this Spring.

I found Winston’s talents to be far more apparent in the other tracks. An acoustic guitar is left unadulterated in Don’t Care About Anything which endears me to her sharp vocals. And whilst Kate Bush sound returns in my personal favourite Fingers and Toes there are less electronic distractions so her haunting vocals are given far more of an opportunity to shine through.

I predict big things for Winston. And I’ll continue to listen to this EP until I learn to appreciate every song in the way that I already do Fingers and Toes. With or without electronic editing, Winston is clearly one to watch.