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Alphabet Backwards – The Superhero EP

Emily Jackett


Well articulated and super sweet, Alphabet Backwards are indie and pop and proud of it. Hyper and happy: all Sunshine, kittens and helium filled balloons. They’re out to prove that pop is not a dirty word and they are convincing me, one foot tap at a time. Boy/Girl harmonies, guitar, bass and drums.

The dizzying buzz, whir and chimes of Keys are the icing on the angel cake; it’s all melt in your mouth bliss and eternal optimism. Alphabet Backwards are synth poppy to boot, choc full of Doo Whops and La La La’s, glockenspiel scattered and full of charm. They sound like memories of lost summers. Bouncier than the trampolines of your childhood, cute, coy and not too serious. Lively and lovely, these guys are a lot of fun, Radio – friendly, but not at all vacuous.

The Superhero EP is full of personality and brimming with joy. I want whatever they’re having. Maybe they’ve found jesus. Whatever has got them belting out such effervescent tunes, they’d best keep it up. It’s not ground breaking, challenging or enlightening, It’s as easy as ABC. They know what they do and they do it well – look out for them live if you want a some boogie in your step and a smile of your face.