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The American Scene – Haze

Becci Stanley


One of the most under rated bands going at the moment, California based group The American Scene have been busy since their formation in 2009 perfecting their lucid yet visceral sound and taking it across the continents. Previous release Safe For Now fell under the radar slightly, though Haze is a release that demands your attention and for all the right reasons.

Title track Haze storms in with a brooding introduction stereotypical of the group then jolts you out of your comfort zone with abrupt vocals, the harsh thump of the bass, disjointed chords and the heartbeat of the drum keeping the tempo alive, miles away from the wistful and lulling vibe of their previous releases. This effortlessly blends into Royal Blue and then Nails of Love with their similarly intertwining bass and guitar work creating a haunting and wistful aural journey through the loss of youth and love with catchy hooks and spine chilling riffs.

4th and Broadway and Over To You pick up the pace with a heavy punk influence evident in the quick tempo with racing guitars, pounding bass, drums piercing at the ear drums and vocals packing way more confidence and passion than previously demonstrated by the American Scene, proving they are not just a one trick pony and will be over looked no longer.

Personal highlight track Drone packs more of a ballsy rock and roll feel to it with an ominous lone beat of a bass drum to introduce the track before plunging into a dark assault of instruments intricately layered and pure, talented musicianship that shows just how far this band has come. Brume closes the album in the bands traditional fashion, with sombre and echoing vocals, controlled and compressed drum beats and bass lines barely audible over the screeching guitars but present enough to create an atmospheric and big feeling to the track and the album as a whole.

The American Scene will no longer be a band that fall under the radar, written off as just another soft, sombre emo band but rather as talented, diverse musicians that produce albums that will grasp your attention and hold it firmly, over and over again with repeated listening, and hopefully through future releases.