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Androgynous Mind – Nightstalker EP

Nicola Sloan


Well. The first track made me jump out of my skin when it started. Without prior warning, ‘Bobbi’ bursts into life, 56 seconds of trumpeting, distorted guitar, wailing vocals and crashing drums. It sounds like someone being murdered. Literally. Good Friday, the ‘track’ that follows, is basically a variation on the same theme, but with a slightly different ‘tune’. This one’s only 54 seconds though – two seconds less of torture.

Sufficiently unsettled by the aural attack of Bobbi and Good Friday, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the third track of the Nightstalker EP. Perhaps the playful sound of a cat being grated? But no, actually the next track, Knock On My Door is half decent Velvet Underground-style fare, with a coherent tune and all that, all twinkling metallic riffs and droning vocals.

Goodness me, I thought, this EP is a rollercoaster. Where will the next track take me? Well, as it happens, Juanita continues in the same reverb-heavy vein as Knock On My Door, with grumbling bass and echoing vocals over languid drums, before running out of steam at 1.59.

The EP ends on the grimly-titled Desert Corpse. The wailing vocals return, over gravestone-heavy guitars, breaking into a pretty cool galloping fuzzy riff. This is another short track though – the fun ends after just over two minutes.

Now, I am aware of a thing called ‘artistic licence’ but I really can’t decide whether Androgynous Mind are being experimental with this EP or just plain lazy. I think I’ll go for the latter. The whole thing seems half-baked. And it made me jump. Androgynous Mind must be chuckling in their crypts.