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Ane Brun – Songs: 2003-2013

Francisca Pereira


Two years after the release of It All Starts With One, Ane Brun is back with an unprecedented project. Songs: 2003-2013 is a compilation of hits and unreleased material, marking the anniversary of Spending Time with Morgan, her very first album.

Coincidentally enough, the first track off both albums is the same, Humming One Of Your Songs. With beautifully written lyrics and a delicate strum of the guitar that is both eerie and very reminiscent of folk music, it is a great introductory track to this new album, which is bound to please old fans and new fans alike. In fact, one could say it summarises the overall moody tone of this new venture.

The 32-song album is an eclectic mix of live tracks and new versions of previously released songs – fans of the Norwegian singer will definitely recognise a new rendition of This Voice, from her 2005 album A Temporary Dive, which granted her the Norwegian Grammy for Best Female Artist. Another highlight not to be missed is the chilling, Brun-esque take on Feeling Good, the song made famous by Nina Simone. Without ever neglecting her folk and jazz background, the singer-songwriter is able to take on new personas and deliver incredible covers from the most various genres – her superb cover of Arcade Fire’s Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) is indicative of her ability to mould genres as if they were her own, an opulent piecing of all the elements together in a way that sounds altogether new.

Rather than just sticking to new versions of songs or presenting live recordings, the album is also graced with unreleased tracks such as Alfonsina y el Mar, Undertow and Du gråter så store tåra (sang in her mother tongue), among others.

“Songs 2003-2013” may not be a studio album, but it certainly doesn’t break with her previous releases – if anything, it is a continuation of her work up to this day, which reveals new facets of the musician as well as an insight into the songwriting and recording process. This anthology definitely cements Ane Brun’s geniality, while lifting the veil as to what is coming our way in the near future. In her own words, “It will do you good” (from the song Don’t Leave, in Changing of the Seasons).