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Bands For Gigs

Sarah Tyler


Find local bands or gigs and get talking about them!

The key to any good business and especially the music business is networking, trawling the internet for suitable gig venues and promoters to push you into the limelight, or replacing the drummer for the overtly keen guy who wasn’t as committed he claimed. So not only as a musician do you have to spend an immeasurable amount of time perfecting your trade, but along with this is the rigmarole that goes into proving that you are worth listening to.  Similarly a promoter has to find a band who isn’t going to drop out last minute, or decide the gig was too far to travel despite their initial enthusiasm.

The internet has been a perfect facilitator in tying loose ends and making new connections, musicians wanted websites and forums, pointing you in the direction of promoters’ special books, the anticipation of confirmation e-mails in your inbox. However, not only does bandsforgigs.co.uk link bands directly with promoters and vice versa, you can specify your requests exactly to your city, genre, availability and any other added requirements.

It’s a simple and self explanatory website, that requires no further research than a minute of your time to explain who you are and what you want out of it. The master tables are easy to read, with unique filters to narrow your search to a specific location, availability, genre or even a specific band to quickly and efficiently provide you with a list of all relevant submitted bands and likewise promoters in your area. To add further credibility the site is set up and run by a promoter of a long standing successful rock night and includes reviews of bands (at request of promoter) and venues, so no shed gigs for promising acts. These are rated by credible members and not abused, to give useful feedback and keep things in a nice informative loop, like a giant handshake of musicians and fellow crucial industry counterpoints.

Furthermore the site is intended to support bands with the musicians wanted section, for example bands can source the much needed bassist in the local vicinity and likewise your percussionist can source out suitable musos to get on the gig circuit with. Although many of these ideas are tried and tested on mirroring sites never before have they been collated (and worked)  into one fantastic tool. Saving crucial time and stress for musicians, promoters and any other industry gurus.  So spare a minute of your time to register yourself, get noticed or have a brows of unmissable information.