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Bandwagon Interview

Nichola Eastwood


More Than The Music ventures into the world of rock as we talk to Northern Irish band Bandwagon.

MTTM: You released your debut EP, ‘Wasting Time’, earlier this year.  Were you nervous about the record’s release?  And were you happy with the end result? 

Bandwagon: We were a bit nervous because we had booked an EP Launch in Lisburn and promoted it loads, the cd’s didn’t arrive until a day before the gig, so as you can imagine we were bricking it! An EP Launch without any EP’s would’ve defeated the purpose. We were very happy with the end result considering it was the first time the band had recorded. We love the recording process, hearing the songs develop into the finished product is really exciting.
MTTM: Are you happy with people’s reaction to the record so far?

Bandwagon: Yeah, the feedback we have had has been very good.  We got 300 copies pressed initially and we’ve just sold out.  So that’s cool, we’ve had to get a few more pressed.  Hopefully we’ll sell these ones too.
MTTM: Was there any particular sound or message that you wanted to achieve or get across to your fans on the EP?
Bandwagon: There isn’t much of a message on the EP, but I suppose we wanted to shrug off the “Dad Rock” tag.  We have a lot of influences from the Classic Rock genre but we didn’t want to be tarred with that brush too much. We’ve tried to keep the sound as up-to-date as we could without abandoning our roots.

MTTM: For those who are perhaps unfamiliar with your sound, could you describe it?  And are there any bands or artists that are particularly influential to your work?

Bandwagon: Thin Lizzy, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Rory Gallagher are on constant rotation on our iPods.  We’ve been listening to a lot of The Band & Eagles over the past few months as well, but I don’t know if that would show up much in our songs. More recent bands like the Foo Fighters & Biffy Clyro have been pushing our buttons too!

MTTM: You’ve just finished a string of tour dates and have previously played at venues all over Ireland.  Have the shows gained you a large fan base?  And how do you find the experience of playing live?

Bandwagon: I’d like to say we have a large fan base, it’s growing slowly but surely. It’s hard to keep tabs on it though.  Crowds at gigs seem to know some of our songs now, which is cool, and people are starting to follow us around to gigs further a field.

MTTM: You had your first ever acoustic gig last Friday (5th November).  An acoustic slot can be pretty daunting, how was your first acoustic set?

Bandwagon: Well, we did the gig and it went really!  It was just two of us, Phil & Joe.  We’re big fans of acoustic stuff like The Swell Season, so it was a pretty easy transition from electric to acoustic.  There will be definitely be more, without being too biased I’d recommend checking it out, it’s lovely to hear the songs stripped down. 

MTTM: You’ve also recently filmed a video for your track Get Used To It.  What was the concept behind the video?  How long did it take to complete?

Bandwagon: There wasn’t really a concept behind the video.  There’s a lot of videos of us on Youtube that don’t do us justice, so we thought it would be a good idea to upload our own.  We filmed it one evening in an abandoned B&Q warehouse near Belfast.  It took a few weeks to edit.  The guy who did it, Tristan Crowe was really a great guy to work with, he had to mess around with the settings a lot to make us look good though!

MTTM: So what does the future hold for Bandwagon then?  Are there any plans for future recordings or videos?  And can you tell us a bit about any future tour dates?

Bandwagon: We’ve been writing a lot recently, we have a lot of unrecorded material, so I guess that’s the next step.  We can’t wait to get into the studio again and see what we come up with.  We’re always adding to the gig list, so it’s probably best to check out our MySpace.